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Quality Assured. We have invested over 15 years in the motocross industry. Having had the privilege to work with the most talented riders in the business, has allowed us to develop products that out-perform. With our company, special attention provides dependable high performance parts.

My First Moto Book
My First Moto by S.R. Gutierrez is an inspring story about a child's first motocross race summed up in 48 illustrated pages that are sure to get your child's attention. It gives a first-hand look into the events that take place and the triumphant feeling of successfully completing a race. Inspire your child with this easy-to-read book now available through Martin & Slater.
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Place an order totalling $250 or more (not including shipping) and receive this book as a free gift! Add the book to your cart and then enter the coupon code "freebook" during checkout to receive your free copy. ***This book can be purchased by anyone regardless of order size, but a minimum of $250 is required to be eligible for the free coupon.
Price: $12.99
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Ktm50 Big Bore Carb Kit
Price: $299.99

KTM50 Pro Jr/Sr 3-Shoe Aftermarket Clutch Assembly
Retail - $215.43, Our Price - $119.99
I am told by many customers that this clutch is hit'in hard and hook'in up!
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Includes: center hub, shoes, spring washers, and clutch bolts. Comes with EXTRA set of QTY-50 USA made spring washers and complete instructions. Made to the same spec, performance and quality as the standard clutch. Stock clutch specs, will bolt right on to your KTM 2001-2008 Pro Junior or Senior models.


KTM50 Pro Jr/Sr 2001-2008 Complete Engine Short Block Assembly

Does your KTM 50 need a bottom end rebuild? Now you can switch it out yourself, without having to pay a motorcycle shop expensive hourly labor rates.


Includes: center cases, crankshaft assembly, crankshaft bearings, primary gear, countershaft, countershaft bearings, flywheel, and flywheel nut. Assembled and ready for final assembly.

This engine short block was previously completely assembled and bench run for under one minute to make sure it is up to standards and within tolerances. All factory KTM50 parts will bolt on to this short block without any modifications. All parts are made to the same spec, size, color, shape, dimensions, performance and quality as stock OEM.

2002- 2008 KTM 50cc Mini / Senior Adventure complete replacement engine assembly



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2002- 2008 KTM 50cc Pro Junior / Pro Senior complete replacement engine assembly



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